The choir

cropped-alexander_habesland_kor_farger_stor_02.jpgThe Norwegian Student Choral Society (DnS) is a collection of ambitious male choir singers, but also a preserver of a rich musical culture that spans all the way back to the Norwegian national romanticism of the early 19th century.

The society share a social and cultural collective with most of the academic choirs in Scandinavia. The Norwegian Student Choral Society is the official male choir at the University of Oslo.

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The concert choir of DnS

The society is split into the concert choir, where we find most of the active members, and DnX, which is an alternative for the oldest members of the society. The concert choir consist of about 60 singers, and have been working towards revitalising, rejuvenation and musical tutoring.

DnS recruits young academics from the University of Oslo, but also academic graduates from Bergen and Trondheim.

The Norwegian Student Choral Society annualy performe the Norwegian National Anthem at the stairs of the University.

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